Friday, December 15, 2017

December camp update

Hello from Hoofbeat!
Well, it's almost Christmas time - hard to believe how quickly the year has flown by.
Things are good here at camp - we've been busy doing outside projects because the weather has been pretty warm and the lack of snow makes it really easy to get around. We finished re-building half of the Day Camp riding ring. Some of the fence posts were needing to be replaced and we made the fence a little higher so that the horses can't reach over and graze while they are being ridden.
We've gotten several new horses in the last few months - two new geldings and four mares. The geldings are Zeb and Norman. Zeb is a bay and Norman is chestnut with a blaze. The mares are Peaches, Annie, Piper, and Lily. Peaches is a cream colored paint, Annie is a chestnut with white stockings and blaze, Piper is also chestnut with stockings and a blaze(her blaze is more wide than Annie's - that's how we tell them apart!). Lily is a darker paint. We will try to get some pictures of them and post them at some point. Right now they are all getting settled into their new pastures with the rest of the Hoofbeat herd.
Christmas Camp has filled and we are busy finishing up cabin lists, menus, and grocery lists! We have a great crew of our summer staff that will be here and we are looking forward to a big fire in the dining hall fireplace, hot cocoa, our New Year's Eve Party, a trip to the Kalahari, lots of horseback riding, making new friends and seeing old ones, and maybe even sledding if we get snow! We'll be sure to post pictures and blog updates once camp gets started.
In the meantime, we found some fun photos while looking through our Facebook albums and we wanted to share them!

Have a safe and very Merry Christmas!

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