Friday, August 15, 2014

Pictures with Favorite Horses

Hello Everyone!

This week the girls had their pictures taken with their favorite horses! Here you can find their digital copies - they will also get a printed copy from Trading Post at Checkout!

Thank you - see you Saturday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Riding Demonstrations: Equestrian Week! Aug 16th 2014


Bits' English
Hannah K
Grace P
Grace B
Zoe E
Molly M
Kate M
Ellie S

Katy's Western
Caleigh B
Alannah S
Samantha L
Ruth J
Lydia's English
Olivia H
Mary Kate M
Karlee F
Riley M

Avery's English
Emily L
Taylor M
Shannon S
Olivia D
Chloe A
Bea M
Peyton M

Alice's Western
Charlie H
Sam H
Kelsey P
Amy K
Emma W
Bridget M
Lizzie's English
Meghan M
Audrey O
Julie H
Sarah B
Jade R


Sam's English
Kristen D
Ava S
Sami M
Anna M
Kayah P
Karlee P
Juliette O

Rachel's English
Elizabeth B
Alexandra R
Courtney N
Lizy S
Nina K
Amanda & Alex's Western
Merceydeis F
Petra M
Glenna N
Kyra S

Favorite Horses and Bareback!

 Hello Everyone!

The fun continues here at Hoofbeat! On Tuesday, the girls headed out into the wilderness on some trail rides! They loved exploring the beautiful surroundings with their friends and their horses - and it was a lovely day to do it, too! They also learned how to choreograph a drill and designed their own! Everyone loved making their picture frames too, which the reason behind became clear when we had 'Pictures with your Favorite Horse' in the evening! The girls were so excited to get to pose with their choice of horse, and will be happy with the results! The weather was perfect, so we then headed out on some surprise hayrides to wrap up such a wonderful day!

On Wednesday, we had out Mini Trip! We headed out to Pecks, a local market with an abundance of animals, and everyone had a great time meeting the beautiful Draft horses that took us on a great carriage ride! When we returned in the evening, the girls were so excited to find out we were bareback riding! Riding your horse without a saddle allows for a closer connection, and which horse lover wouldn't like that? They also had a choice of barn activities, from tack cleaning to stall picking, and grooming to ground work demonstrations! The girls could choose what activities they wanted to do/see and really customize their evening! Everyone was talking about how much fun they had through the day!

It's been non-stop fun and we're all looking forward to the next adventure!

Thanks for checking in - enjoy the pictures!

Note - digital copies of the girls with their favorite horses will be coming soon. They will also get a printed copy at check out.

Horseshoe 2's cabin photo! =)