Friday, June 29, 2012

Riding Demonstration Times

So, Demos are tomorrow morning and the girls are really excited to show off their new skills! Gates will open at 8.45am and there will be someone to greet you and let you know the ring your daughter is riding in! Please remember, whether you check-out before or after the demo, to stop by Trading Post and let us know you are leaving - that way you can pick up your packet, any medications and left over trading post money! Thankyou so much, and we will see you tomorrow!

9.15 am
Paige P
Hannah W
Brenna V
Jenna S
Katie B
Lauren F
Clare C
Katie E
Mary C
Maddy L
Destiny H
Isabelle P
Zoe K

9.45 am
Morgan A
Sophie H
Audrey R
Samantha J
Ruth B
Abby W
Lulu J
Julia A
Sam H
Eva S
Ailee S
Robyn H
Sophie S
Allison S
Tyre A
Geneva C
Caitlin H
Dana D
Laura N
Kyla P
Sierra W
Chalire H
Claire L

10.15 am
Laina S
Guilia K
Laura C
Amanda D
Katie G
Genna T
Chloe T
Devney W
Veronica P
Maya F
Peyton P
Ashely J
Olivia W
Eli M

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So With The Hot Weather Coming...

  A lot of you guys might be wondering what we are planning tomorrow. We are aware of the head advisory, and would just like to reassure all of you that we are taking care of the campers! As well as pushing water and sunscreen EVEN more than we already do, we may take a break from riding after 12pm if the heat index continues to be high. We have fabulous water games planned for the afternoon, as well as some time in the shade, and we are taking a trip to the pool in the evening when it's cooled down a bit. That way the girls can really cool off after a hot day. We are constantly watching the weather, but rest assured, we will be keeping cool tomorrow!! Thanks!
So, we've been really really busy the past few days... busy having fun!! We had our fabulous Theme Night on Tuesday, where we were all SPIES IN TRAINING! Super secret ninja spies had broken into camp and stolen the secret and ancient Cheesy Potato Soup recipe! In order to find out who these spies were, we had to complete tasks and discover clues!! The girls had to dodge lasers, dig through gloop and master the art of disguise before they were able to discover the identity of the theifs! We were shocked to discover it was some of Hoofbeat's own! We trecked out into the woods to discover their secret hideout, and steal back the cheesy potato soup recipe! BUT, they were waiting for us! We were ambushed by flour bombs! However, all the ninja spy training came in super handy, as we were able to bring the spies to justice, and steal back our beloved treasure!

On Wednesday, the girls were far from tired after all their ninja spy training! We spent the afternoon learning and trying out some eventing activities, and the girls just loved the dressage challenge! In the evening, we had a little thing called Hoofbeat Cribs! The cabins came up with a theme, and planned a skit & decorated their cabin for everyone to see! We then had tours of each cabin to see what their creative minds came up with - the results were fabulous! Hoofroof 1 was a Zoo, with exotic creatures like Hyenas, Polar Bears, Elephants and Penguins! Hoofroof 2 was Old MacDonald's singing cow farm! Hoofroof 3/4 played scenes from our favourite movies, and Horseshoe 2 was an exotic jungle trek! Longbranch 1 took us down the rabbit hole to wonderland and the Mad Hatter's tea party, and we were invited to 'Hoofbeats' grand opening in Longbranch 2, where we had a dance party! The girls did great, and the cabins looked fabulous! Well done ladies!

 Long Branch 1 managed to escape getting their picture taken, but no fear parents - I will catch them and upload one soon! :D

Till Next Time...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome New Campers!

So this week, we said hello some new campers - 26 of them, to be exact! LB1, LB2 & HS2 got some new guests this week, and we welcomed them with style! The girls who had been here a week already planned skits for the new campers to help them settle in here at Hoofbeat! They got shown around, and introduced to the most important place of all - the Trading Post, i mean! Today, we had some mounted games in the afternoon, as well as relay races and wonderful origami! All the campers are so talented! In the evening, we played Capture the Flag, which got quite the response at evening announcements! The girls let out a roar of excitement, and went to put on their war paint - literally! Half the camp was blue, and half the camp was red - let the game commence!

Over the weekend before, we headed on a Mini Mystery Trip with the two week campers to a small Zoo in Baraboo. The girls got to meet Deer, Lamas, Wolves and Prairie Dogs! They enjoyed the sunshine and each others' company on a lovely Saturday afternoon, relaxing and rejuvenating for the week ahead!

We are having a grand time here at Hoofbeat! Thanks for checking in!

Hoofbeat Gang!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's a Wonderful Hoofbeat!

It's finally cooled down and the girls are having a blast! On Wednesday, we decided to get out of the hot sun and head on our mystery trip to the Kalahari water park in the Dells!! The girls were so excited to get to swim the whole afternoon, and go down some awesome water slides! Master Blaster and Victoria Falls were some of the favorites among the kids, but the lazy river was where we would all chill out and float along!

The outside water park was open, too, so the girls lathered on some sunscreen and headed outside for a bit, too! After a brilliant dinner of pizza (yummy!) some girls went back in the pools, while others hit the gift shop for some sweets and souvenirs! When it was finally time to head home, everyone was smiling and talking about what a great day they had! That is, until they fell asleep from all the fun they had!

Today, the weather was finally on our side, with it cooling down a lot, and the girls were very happy about it! We had a wonderful afternoon of Cabin bonding! The girls took part in 3 different activites! We had Cabin Bareback riding, where the girls got to feel what it's like to ride without a saddle! We also had cabin time, to allow the girls a bit more time getting to know eachother as a cabin group, and we had Cabin vs Cabin kickball! The girls were really excited and showed great team spirit - even came up with cheers and chants!

After dinner, we played an old camp favorite - the Camper Counselor Hunt!! All the counselors hid over lower camp; they were under bunkbeds, behing walls, even under the porch! The aim of the game was for campers to find as many counselors as they could, and they got a mark for each counselor they found! The girls did really well, some even finding all 12 counselors!! We followed up with a few camp games like Numbers & Ships and Sailors, but the girls had a GREAT time taking part in a camp-scale game of Toxic River! In this game, the girls were divided into two groups of around 30, and had to transport all of their team members from one side of the athletic field to the other by using only the selection of random items they chose! And to make it even more fun, they couldn't touch the grass! We are all having such a great time here, I don't think anyone wants to go home!!

Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger size!

LB2 Chilling during Cabin Time

Go team Go!

Some of our CITs befriending the young ones!

In the line for Trading Post!

Happy Campers!

Until Next Time...!