Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Good Morning!

Well the rain did slack off for a little while yesterday but the horses have been staying inside where it is warm and dry. The nice thing about this year is we really need the rain. April, one of the newer horses, says she did not request this much rain though.

We had a great time at spring break camp. The group got to do some western riding, some bareback, some horse science and some arts and crafts. We got to see some beautifully decorated eggs that were even part of an egg hunt. The group also had a chance to decorate some cupcakes as well. We had a blast with this program even though it was a little chilly out.

While we have been busy with programs we also have been busy working on new projects. One of these projects was the completion of the outside box stalls. These stalls have replaced the old slip stalls on the side of the barn. It's a nice way to keep our horses dry in rainy weather.