Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hi from Hoofbeat!

We wanted to give everyone a few camp updates.
We are having our fall Horse Lover's Day on Saturday and we're busy mapping out treasure hunts, getting arts and crafts projects set up, and getting ready for a great day!
Last weekend was our Horse Lover's Weekend - thanks to everyone that joined us! We had some pretty tired campers after a full day of riding, horse science, grooming, arts and crafts, and even bareback (riding without a saddle) after dinner. We're pretty sure it must have been a quite ride home for everyone - we packed lots into the weekend!
We have added some new horses to the Hoofbeat herd. Whoopi was spotted making friends with them this morning. We had a few of them in the indoor arena they came over to sniff her when she was sitting on the wall. Whoopi must not have minded too much, since she just sat there. We will try to post more pictures of the new horses soon.
In the mean time, here is Petra enjoying the sunshine and grass a few weeks ago. (Wouldn't it be nice if was this sunny right now?!)

Fall is project time at camp and Ted and Tom were busy working on making the driveway a little more spiffy. See if you notice anything different the next time you're at camp.
Fall is flying by - it's hard to believe that it's almost November already.
We've got Pippa's Christmas Party coming up on December 12 - it just filled up this morning, but so far there is no one on the waiting list.
Christmas Camp has 2 spots left, so that's nearly full also! It's going to be lots of fun with the great group of campers and staff that are coming this year.
 We are in the process of getting the 2016 Intro to Sleep - Over Camp application ready. We should have it done in the next week, so check the website soon!
We're also getting the dates for 2016 Day Camp sessions set, so keep an eye open for the application on the website.
The 2016 early bird application for Resident Camp is available on the website now. The rates are good until November 30, 2015.
We hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy fall, Y'all!!

Hello Everyone!
We hope you've had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors!
It's been really busy here at Hoofbeat for the last month or so. We have had after school riding lessons for the Madison middle schools for four weeks. Each night we have several different schools that bus students out for an about an hour of riding and an hour of horse science. We've been going on trail rides and enjoying the cool, fall weather.

We also finished up our fall Mother/Daughter Weekends. Thanks to all of the moms, daughters and Hoofbeat staff for spending the weekend with us. We had nice weather - no rain! We enjoyed the trails, some mounted games, campfires, hayrides, arts and crafts, and ground driving everyone's favorite Clydesdale, Pippa!
Our weekends are booked with Boy Scouts earning their merit badges, Able Trek Tours, a Horse Lover's Weekend for girls, and our fall Horse Lover's Day for girls. We also have week night riding programs with girl scout troops. Whew! It's a busy time of year for us!
We've had several people email and ask if we're having any programs for boys as well as girls. Pippa's Christmas Party is open to boys ages 7 to 9 and girls ages 7 to 13. This day program is on December 12th and there is bus service provided from 2 locations. See our website for more info.

There is a new addition to the Hoofbeat herd! Kirby is a really cute pinto that we got a month or so ago. He is already a favorite with the staff and we're pretty sure all of the campers will love him too. He is one of the first horses to come to the gate to say "hi" and he just loves people! Kirby is living with Rex, Dante, Midnight, and Montana in the Middle Pen for now.

Stay tuned for more horse updates and photos!