Saturday, May 13, 2017

May camp update!

Hello from Hoofbeat!
We hope that this camp update finds you and your family well!
Things are in full swing here at camp as we gear up for camp opening - it's only a month away now. We've been busy mowing (it's like a jungle out there!), planting flowers, weeding, and finishing projects up.
All of the horses have been loving getting out to their pastures and munching on the fresh grass. They are shedding those long winter coats - in the pasture there are big patches of hair where they've rolled. The birds love all of the loose hair to build nests and every now and then we see one fly over with a beak full of horse hair!
Chico and Fury (our miniature foals) are doing great and growing quickly. They love to frolic around the indoor arena and have been playing with each other quite a bit now. We think their mothers are glad they have a buddy to play with as they can be very energetic!

In April we had almost 90 Girl Scouts and their leaders participate in our Girl Scout Horse Lover's Badge Weekends.
Now we are in the middle of our three spring Mother/Daughter Weekends - a big thank you to the campers, adults, and staff for being with us this spring!

Our annual Open House will be held on June 4th from 2 - 5 p.m. Stop by and say hi to Chico and Fury and all of the other horses and staff. We'll have camp tours, grooming and riding demonstrations, and the Trading Post will be open as well.
Resident Camp is mostly full now with an opening here and there. Check our website to for details.
Day Camp has some space in all of the weeks except August 7 - 11.
We look forward to seeing everyone at camp next month!

-Ted, Mary, and all of the Hoofbeat staff and horses

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Early spring?

It feels like spring has sprung here at Hoofbeat! The sun is shining, birds are singing, the horses are sun bathing, and it almost looks like the grass is growing! Whew! It's hard to believe that it's still February.
The horses must be getting itchy from their winter coats - many of them are shedding and rolling in the mud. Some of them look like swamp creatures right now! They don't seem to mind a bit though. When they get groomed, they go right back out and roll in the mud again.
We're still waiting on our mini mares to have their foals. The two of them are looking pretty wide right now. Hopefully we'll have a couple of foals running around soon.
We are gearing up for our spring groups - we just had Boy Scout group from Illinois come up for the weekend. Their troop has been coming to Hoofbeat for the last 25 years!
We also have a UW group coming out soon to do some planning sessions  and then we will start our spring Girl Scout programs. Never a dull moment here!
We still have space in the Horse Lover's Day on March 25th, so check out our website for more info.

Take care and we hope to see you at camp again soon!

Friday, January 27, 2017

January Camp Update!

Hello from Hoofbeat!
Well we're almost plowed out from the last snow storm! We think we got about 8 inches of snow - it's sticking to the trees and is really pretty. The horses don't seem to mind it either - a few of them have been cantering around and playing in it. The ponies are knee deep in snow in some spots, so it's pretty funny watching them get around.

We have three new ponies that we got in the fall. One is a leopard appaloosa named Poco. He's really friendly and is very mellow.

Batman is sure to be a hit with everyone as he is really cute and sweet. He's a great size too - probably around the same height as Linus (we haven't measured him, so we're not sure how many hands he is!).

Last but not least is Robin. He is also really cute and is more energetic  than Poco and Batman, so he'll most likely be in the more advanced classes for a while. We're excited for everyone to meet them this summer!

Camp registration is in full swing with most of the Resident Camp sessions a little over half full now. Day camp still has plenty of room in all of the sessions. Camps begin to fill in March or April, so be sure to reserve a  spot soon!