Friday, June 23, 2017

Riding Demonstrations Canceled Due to Wet Conditions

Due to our recent weather, the riding demonstrations for Resident Camp on June 24 have unfortunately been canceled. We have received a lot of rain these past few days, and a heavy amount last night leaving our outdoor rings wet and slippery. Riding activities would be restricted, and today we have a schedule that rotates our riding classes through the indoor arena. Unfortunately due to time restrictions that isn't a option for this Saturday. The safety of our campers and our horses is our #1 priority. Thank you for your understanding. Checkout will proceed as normal from 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Riding Demonstrations for 6/24

Hello! Here are the riding demonstration times for the riding demonstration this Saturday, June 24. The gates open at 9 a.m.! That being said, we got a lot of rain this morning, so our rings are a bit wet. There is a chance that demos may be canceled. If that is the case, we will post that morning, and then checkout would proceed as normal from 9-10:30 a.m.


Ring 3

Ring 2


Robyn & Sofies Western
Madison E
Brooklyn B
Rachael T
Jessica B
Anna Kr.
Ava D
Nora W
Keena C
Eilis F
Amanda & Abby's Western
Kiera T
Jane E
Nora R
Lilli M
Morgan Z

Melissa's English
Eva S-H
Sam M
Kate M
Petra M
Olivia H
Kathryn G
Grace B


Jasmine's Western
Sarah R
Izadoa W
Jocelyn C
Ledia K
Anna Kue.
Peyton S
Lela Z
Halley's Western
Kala A
Alison P
Julia C
Harper L
Gianna B
Lizzie's English
Julia T
Julia P
Erika H


Sofie & Violeta's English
Katelynne S
Cassie T
Lauren M
Sophie B
Celeste T-C
Ruby W
Tacy G
Madeline R
Melissa's Western
Lizzi W
Stephanie W
Annaleise R
Ella R
Renate M
Bec's English
Katie C
Avery V
Bella K
Ellie R
Emily M
Isabella S

Theme Day- Hoofbeat on Trial!

Yesterday the girls were called to solve a mystery! Someone stole the brownie sundae recipe! They were split into police departments from all over the country to try and figure out who stole the recipe! In the afternoon they rode through various obstacles in order to get clues, and we narrowed the suspects down to our RITs and CITs. In the evening the police departments traveled around camp comparing evidence and gaining clues to solve this mystery. At the end, it was revealed that Katie stole the recipe! She was apprehended, the recipe was returned, and camp was at peace knowing our brownie sundae recipe was locked away safely. 

 Our lead suspects!

 Suspect #1 Sophie the CIT

 Suspect #2 Brooke the RIT

 Suspect #3 Katie the RIT

 Suspect #4 Katie the CIT

 Suspect #5 Elinore the RIT
 Suspect #6 Lexie the RIT

 Hoofroof 1 was the Redwater Police Department from Redwater, TX

Longbranch 1 was the Fountain Green Police Department from Fountain Green, UT 

 Hoofroof 3/4 was the Orangevale Police Department from Orangevale, CA

Hoofroof 2 was the Whitesburg Police Department from Whiteburg, GA 

Horseshoe 2 was the Black Earth Police Department from Black Earth, WI 

Longbranch 2 was the Bluefield Police Department from Bluefield, VA 

 Katie agreed to give the recipe back! Woo!

Our 1st session RITs, CITs, and RIT/CIT Masters