Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mystery Trip!

Hello! Yesterday camp headed out of town to go on our mystery trip to... THE KALAHARI! It was great fun going on slides, swimming in pools, and grabbing sweet treats with friends! We also gave our new waterproof cameras a try, and it was so much fun trying to get the perfect underwater photos! It was an overall wonderful day, thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hoofbeat's Got Talent!

Good evening! It was a chillier day here at Hoofbeat- but that didn't stop the fun! In the afternoon we headed out to the woods for some trail rides! In the evening, it was the 2016 Hoofbeat's Got Talent! Each cabin performed in front of camp, and it was great fun watching the girls creativity flow! Thanks for checking in! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Bareback and Group Games!

 Hello! We've had a wonderful day here at Hoofbeat with all of our new campers settling in! They all received their morning class schedules, which consist of a riding class, a horse science class, and a down-the-hill class. This afternoon, the girls went back up to the barn for cabin bareback! It was wonderful being able to ride our ponies without the saddles beneath us. They also got to learn a few showmanship patterns, as well as create some beautiful headbands in the arts and crafts room. This evening everyone got a chance to hangout with their cabin, as well as join together for some all-camp group games! Thanks for checking in, more updates to follow! 

Hoofroof 3/4! 

 Horseshoe 2! 

 Longbranch 2! 

 Longbranch 1! 

 Hoofroof 1! 

Hoofroof 2!