Friday, June 27, 2014

Bareback and Hayrides!

Hello Everyone

So the past few days have been wonderful! On Thursday night, we headed to the barn to do some Bareback riding! The girls love riding the horses without saddles as it allows for more of a connection with your mighty steed! We played some kickball too, which the girls always get really excited about! Friday afternoon, we headed on some more trail rides, and wrapped up our fabulous week with some scenic hayrides!

Thanks for checking in! Enjoy the pictures!

Riding Demonstration: June 28th 2014

Hoofbeat Ridge Riding Demonstrations - June 28th 2014

Ring 2
Ring 3

Avery's Western
Amanda M
Isabel Z
Maria K
Julia C
Sarah E
Katy's Western
Haley O
Alison P
Clarke E
Charlie H
Lydia's English
Anneka H
Mia P
Sophie P
Delphi H
Grace B
Alice's English
Mia M
Olivia B
Emily M
Hazel J
Regan V
Georgia B
Natasha K
Katie Grace K
Claire J. and Katy's Western
Sam H
Harper L
Bridget M
Helena D
Sam & Bit's English
Kristina H
Clare C
Rachel and Lydia's English
Maia B
Katy E
Maggie J
Avery V
Julia A
Fiona and Avery's Western
Mary F
Rosalyn J
Morgan F
Eva S
Kayley H
Julia M

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Disney Princess Theme Night

Hello Everyone!

First of all, due to technical difficulties, the cabin photograph of Longbranch 2 had not been uploaded on the first post of the week! We're very sorry for this, please enjoy this cabin group photo:

The cool cats from LB2

The girls had a blast on Wednesday night with our Disney Princess theme! Princess Aurora had come for a visit to Hoofbeat, but Maleficent had kidnapped her while she was here! The fairies enlisted the help of our campers to save her from the wicked Maleficent, and the girls trained with other princesses like Mulan, Ariel and Rapunzel to get ready to save our royal friend! On our way to the nature cabin to save her, the girls were ambushed by Maleficent's minions and their flour bombs!

The girls had a great night, thanks for checking in - enjoy the pictures!

Capture the Flag

Hello Everyone!

The girls had a blast on Tuesday night! We had an epic game of capture the flag, where the girls worked together to come up with strategies to steal the other team's precious flag! It was a valiant effort on both sides, and in the end the Red team were able to capture the blue's flag! Well done everybody - we all had a blast! :)

Thanks for checking in - enjoy the pictures!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here We Go! Week 2of Camp has started :)

Hello Everyone!

So the start to the week has been fabulous! The sun is shining, the girls are smiling and everyone is having a blast! The girls have had fun with their riding groups, going to their lesson in the morning and playing Mounted Games in the afternoon! We did some tie dye too! In the evening we spent some time as a cabin and had a camp-wide scavenger hunt! The girls went all over, even to the nature cabin, to find and create the list of items! What a day!

Thanks for checking in! Enjoy the pictures!

Our RITs planning Horse Science Lessons :)

HoofRoof 2

Horseshoe 2

LongBranch 1

Hooroof 3/4

Hoofroof 1

Longbranch 2