Monday, April 20, 2015

It's finally spring!

Well, it's finally starting to look like spring here at camp. The grass is green and the buds are popping out on the trees.
Last Friday was warm and sunny, so we got out and took some pictures of the horses relaxing in the sun. Some were napping, others rolling (because they are shedding like crazy right now), and some of them just came over to see if we had treats.

Over the weekend we had several girl scout troops here at camp to earn our Horse Lover's badge. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. We were even able to get out on the trails for the fist time this year. Thanks to our staff, the girl scouts and leaders that came to spend the weekend at Hoofbeat!
Today has been rainy and overcast, but by the end of the week things should be even more green! We are hoping to be able to let the horses out to their pastures soon so that they can enjoy the grass. Some of them have been waiting by the gates, hoping to get let out, but the grass was not quite long enough. Today's rain will help!