Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

Winter is Here!

Well it’s been a little warm here at camp even though Christmas is just around the corner. In just about two weeks we will be welcoming everyone to Christmas camp and as a reminder a gift of summer camp makes for a very happy camper.

This fall we have welcomed many new horses to the Hoofbeat heard including a few shown here. Smokey is a dapple grey gelding that is very sweet and well mannered. Mighty Mouse is a small pony mare who looks exactly like the Minnie Mouse of old. Bella is a beautiful young mare who is still in training. Dolly is a grey mare who is very similar to Teko, both in looks and personality.

The new outside stalls have been completed and look great. This spring we will have a lot to look forward to with the new horses and new stalls. As a reminder Mother/Daughter weekends are open for registration and they fill quickly. The dates for those weekends are May 3-5th and May 10-12th

Christmas camp 2012

Just a quick update from Christmas camp. The weather has been great, just the right amount of brisk winter air and snow. We spent some time last night doing group games and ice breakers and then today jumped right into the weekend. Today was spent either at the barn riding, doing horse science or we were down the hill. In our riding classes we did some standard lessons and then some more active mounted games. Relay races, red light/green light and around the world races were a few ways we challenged ourselves. We had the chance to do some sledding as well as work on some great arts and crafts projects. Tomorrow we are excited to do some riding before we head off to the water park. Please check back for some photo updates.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Invitational Weekend

The weekend of November 16-18th we were lucky enough to have a great group of girls out for a great weekend. Not only did we get lucky with some very nice warm weather but we also had to opportunity to use some of our new horses as well as do some more work with the younger horses. Echo, Eclipse, and Prince all had the chance to work on some “scary” object training as well as take a few photos. The girls got to do some horse science lessons with our new horses Dolly, Mighty Mouse, Fresno, and Mocha. We were also excited to see the construction of the new outdoor stalls, which are replacing the old slip stalls. When it came to riding the girls got to ride some of their favorites as well as some of the newer horses. Thanks for a great weekend ladies!

 Check out the awesome new stalls!
 Meeting the new horses. Dolly, Mocha, and Fresno

 Sterling taking a moment for a picture

 Echo working on stepping on the tarp
 Prince with all four feet firmly on the tarp
Look at how our "babies" have grown !