Saturday, November 20, 2010

Invitational Weekend Nov 12-13 and Other Off Season Fun!

On November 12-14 we had our Invitational weekend here at Hoofbeat Ridge. The weekend was a lot of fun for all of the girls and the horses!

The weekend started out on Friday evening, the girls arrived and were excited to be at camp again. After settling into our bunks and playing a few ice breakers, the girls headed to the barn for some late night bareback riding. While they weren't riding they played celebrity horse and other horse related games. We ended the evening with some hot chocoalate in lower longbranch in front of the warm fire.

Saturday morning the girls helped feed the horses and then headed to breakfast. During the morning the girls were split into three riding groups, and had a riding lesson with some of our riding staff. The girls had a chance to choose the horse that they wanted to ride. When they weren't riding the girls were learning about safety, how to tie safety release knots, and about bits and how to bridle a horse.

Throughout the day we had steady rain, and cold weather and the trail conditions weren't safe for horses, campers, and staff. So, we decided to modify the schedule and play some mounted games in our riding groups. The girls also had a chance to do a choice activity. A few of the groups chose to bring Minnie Mouse and Diego, two of our smaller ponies, into the barn lounge and groom them! It was very entertaining to look into the barn lounge and see ponies inside! The girls also had a chance to work with some of our younger horses at hoofbeat. The groups worked with Echo, Prince, and Tango.

Because of the cold weather and rain we decided to stay warm and dry in the evening with some movies, popcorn, and hot chocoalate in lower longbranch. The girls also had a chance to visit our camp store.

During Sunday morning the girls got to ride twice! They were split into two groups and got to ride in another riding lesson, having a chance to trot and try to canter their horses! The groups also worked on twenty meter circles at the trot and general position. After riding in lessons the girls split into three groups and got to ride bareback. While they weren't riding they had a choice between grooming or playing games in the barn lounge.

The Invitational weekend was a lot of fun. We'd like to thank all of the campers that came and made this weekend such a success, we hope to see you all again soon!

Group photo in front of the fireplace!

Grooming Minnie Mouse in the barn lounge

Beautiful morning for riding!

Good morning horses!

The weather is getting a little bit more chilly and the horses are getting fluffy with their winter coats, they look very cute! We'd like to remind everyone about some programs we have in the near future- Chief's Christmas Party is on Saturday December 11. Christmas Camp is December 28-January 1! Both of these programs are going to be a lot of fun, and you can sign up through our website or give us a call at 608-767-2593.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hoofbeat Staff and horses!