Friday, July 31, 2015

Monsters, Aliens and Ponies!

Hi Everyone!

We've had a great week at Resident Camp! The girls had their Monsters vs Aliens theme night, and had a blast bareback riding! Check out the photos below!

Thanks for checking in.
The Hoofbeat Team

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Water Park Antics!

Hello Everyone!

The girls were so excited today to go on their mystery trip to the Kalahari Water Park! Everyone relaxed in the lazy river and screamed all the way down on the Master blaster! We also enjoyed the sunshine with the outdoor water park, too! Enjoy the pictures.

Thanks for checking in,
The Hoofbeat Team


Cabin Bonding and Group Games!

Hello Everyone!

The girls have been having an absolute blast so far! Today, they got their morning schedules, and spent the afternoon taking part in our Eventing activities, like dressage! In the evening, we had some cabin time to get to know each other, and played some classic group games like Captain May We Cross Your Ship! What a great night!

Thanks for checking in, enjoy the pictures!
The Hoofbeat Team

Hoofroof 1 

Hoofroof 1

Horseshoe 2

Friday, July 24, 2015

Riding Demonstrations 7-25-15

Hello Everyone
Here are the riding demonstration times for Saturday July 25th, 2015. Please find your daughter's name and plan pick-up accordingly.

**Please Note, our riding demonstrations are weather dependent. We aim to have our demonstrations run as scheduled, however if we are to experience rainfall that damage our riding ring conditions, we may choose to cancel the demonstrations for safety purposes. The cancellation of demos is not a decision we make lightly or often, but in the case of cancellation we hope you understand.

Ring 2
Ring 3
Olivia's English
Ava T
Lexi B
Lily Z
Lily M
Alexandra R
Kameron W
Katy E
Violet A
Miranda M
Alex's Western
Brooklyn B
Annaleise R
Sarah D
Caitlin H
Emily S
Luna W
Sela S
Tess M
Mattie’s English
Candela B
Isabel C
Maggie D
Kelly M
Sydney W
Avery M
Bec’s English
Sydney G
Mia P
Charlotte S
Leah D
Maggie V
Isabelle L
Eva A
Taylor M
Sofie’s English

Kaya P
Lauren D
Riley T
Lydia C
      Gabby’s Western
Paige D
Raina N
Gwynie M
Jordyn T
Avery N
Irini L
Naomi C
Madalyn Q
Tatum M
Sam’s English

Sydney C
Hannah K
Olivia’s English
Abigail M
Kennedy D
Jane E
Anna D
Lucia G
Claire Z
Katy's Western
Lauren S
Charlie H
Isabella V
Kelsey P
Emma W

Riding like real cowgirls

Hello Everyone

We've had a great few days here at camp! The girls had a Wild West Theme Day, which was totally awesome! They learned how to rope, how to line dance, and of course got to ride their ponies Western style! We also had an awesome evening of bareback riding and kickball, complete with a gorgeous sunset!

Enjoy the pictures, thanks for checking in!
The Hoofbeat Team


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Beautiful day for trails with friends!

Hello Everyone!

So the girls had a great time yesterday, making good use of the beautiful weather and heading out on trail rides! Whether through the woods or around the fields, everyone loved exploring Hoofbeat's stunning surrounding grounds with their trust steeds and new friends! We also had a blast tie dying and grooming in the afternoon! In the evening, we all spent some time getting to know our cabin mates, taking goofy pictures and playing classic games like Numbers and Captain, May We Cross Your Ship! What a brilliant night!

Thanks for checking in, enjoy the pictures!
The Hoofbeat Team


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ted Surprise!!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are having as much fun as we are here at camp! Last night we had a real treat - our camp director Ted planned a special super secret event for the girls, and everyone had a blast doing it! We were divided into teams with colors, and had to compete in relays and tasks like broom ball and the water balloon toss! Everyone had a great time cheering on their team mates!

Check out the pictures below!
Thanks for checking in!
The Hoofbeat Team

Ted with his helpers, our CITs


Happy Campers!