Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fun and Friends at Hoofbeat Ridge!

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in with the girls here at Hoofbeat Ridge Resident Camp! We've already gotten up to all kinds of fun, including mounted games, relay races, group games and cabin photos! We've all made really great friends already, with both our people pals and pony pals! Check out the pictures from all of our adventures below! Thanks for checking in!

Checking out the majestic Willow Tree!

Waiting to mount her pony pal!

Getting ready to teach the class!

Excited to ride!

Taking her pony pal to class!

Happy Camp Staff!

Our imitation relay race - Olympic swimmer



Keeping Hydrated!

Hoofroof 2 - Llama pose!

Longbranch 2

Hoofroof 1

Longbranch 1

Hoofroof 3/4

Horseshoe 2

Waiting in line for trading post!

Happy RITs!

Turning the counselor into a watch tower!

Happy camp friends!

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